• Flame Lord Glaze (Reggie P.)

About my poetry

I suppose I'm not to different from everyone when I write.

when I write however when I write using music but not just any music

I use video game music to vibe to for different feelings and emotions

Doing this I think it feels different than just basing my writings off of given emotions from famous artist

To me It a whole different vibe than other things and a taste of something truly unique by my own logic

Some vgm is really good and goes unappreciated on the daily like some tracks make you remember certain things or feelings from our childhoods

Well that's how I feel anyway....yeah I'm a bit weird but whatever different people help change and shape the world

However I don't just use vgm music I also use anime music as well if it makes me feel the old razzle dazzle feeling with my pen

Also I'll note the music that inspired me to write the poem within the poems link so you can go back to enjoy the vibe that inspired me so no I don't own any of the music alright....although I wish I did

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