• Flame Lord Glaze (Reggie P.)

Spooky for the season

Let's play a game

I'll be the predator

And you'll be my prey

I'll give you a head start

After telling you my plan

So you can make a fast depart

You can run and hide as much as you want

I'm not gonna chase you

I'll laugh while you trip and fall

And watch you struggle

Once you catch your breath

I'll pull a Micheal Myers and pop up

You'll scream and run again

And once your tired I'll let you doze off

Then appear in your dreams like I was Freddy saying gothca bitch

You'll wake up with peeps so wide

Even Jeepers gonna you where'd you get those peepers

You'll think your safe in a crowd

But I'll be like Ghost face and shake your hand and smile with knife in hand

I'll have you begging to make the lambs stop screaming

You'll run to the hoping to get away but I'll find you and have you wondering

Do the hills have eyes

Might even let you get me once

But I'll pull a Jason and gut you as I rise

So just incase you knock on my door this hollows eve

Just be warned I like candy maybe more than you

So much so that I lost my head over it

So being that your my prey I think I might need to borrow yours

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