• Flame Lord Glaze (Reggie P.)

Rivals rally inspired by Villainous from xenoverse

So you think your a match for me

I can tell from looking/ your beneath me

All I've endured/ all that was stolen

You can't comprehend/ laughable

Shortsighted as you are/ or just blind

Delusions pollute your mind

Poor child can't you see/ I've grown

And not under tit! / But when I was swallowed by the world

What drives you are people/ but not I

I desire more/ something people can't give

While you embrace them/ I've been crafting

As you tend to them/ I've been molding

While you are surrounded by them/ I've transcended

Come let us exchange beliefs and desires

But know I am strong in my will

Let every drop of blood echo out in pain

As you experience my dream first hand

Show me your resolve/ show me your soul

Or be trampled under my foot

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