• Flame Lord Glaze (Reggie P.)

(Oldie) Bitter sweet dance

Dance a dance with me

As I dip you by your hip

Into a dance of bitter taste

Slowly embrace my hand

As I lead you to bliss

I turn you and you fall into my arms waiting embrace

A slow waltz of the heart

Turns into anger of our hearts together

We twist around as passion engulfs us

To a tango we go as you bite you bite my rose

I tilt you so your leg comes out of your dress

Then I caress your thigh and guide you by your tinder waist

I let you go to watch you move

Your dance has me drunk

Your body has me ready

You turn your back and wink

If only you knew what you do to me

Back in my arms you are, holding your rose with a smile

Finally you drop the rose and give me a kiss

What a time it was our bitter dance

But everything must end and so it did

Till we meet again or another dance

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