• Flame Lord Glaze (Reggie P.)

Feel me Inspired by snake-eyes from mmzx remix

Sure you can see me/ But do you really

I'm sure you think my motives are wrong/ However I don't

To busy pointing out my flaws/ You haven't noticed iv'e bit you

The venom makes you woozy/ Hazy insight

And movement unclear/ is my voice fading you wonder

This venom is my passion/ the fire of my heart

With each new beat of your heart/ you feel mine

My intent slowly becomes your

Loose yourself to me/ be entrolled by me

Join me/ let your worries become mine

Follow me/ let our desires become one

Need me/ utter those words for me

Feel me slither in your veins/ Our pleasures become one

I'll keep filling you with my passion/ I'll take you over

Be mine/ loyalty and all

Now its your turn to infect others/ Drive your fangs deep

Poison them/ heard them like cattle

One by one/ let us rebuild world

Into a kingdom where we are one

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