• Flame Lord Glaze (Reggie P.)

Twitch and twitching

I am also on Twitch doing live streams of classic games and as well as so modern greats mostly I'm playing either monster hunter or some RPGS or fighting games with viewers and friends but I definitely need help expanding so come by for a show or two and witness some epic moments as well as some funny ones and chat with me or join in on the game play share, clip moments and cut up with me there also give me a follow for future content https://www.twitch.tv/glazedgaming88

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Dance a dance with me As I dip you by your hip Into a dance of bitter taste Slowly embrace my hand As I lead you to bliss I turn you and you fall into my arms waiting embrace A slow waltz of the heart

Like a rivers flow It moves Like the speed of light It moves It moves forward and never takes a turn No pauses and no stops Time can slip us by Today and the next day it will continue Time itself is l