• Flame Lord Glaze (Reggie P.)

Bright deceit Inspired by FF14 shadowbringers main theme

I cared for everyone, I felt for them all

Then they were gone, Vanished into smoke

Why did they abandon me, the warm light starts to burn

Alone in the light again, for all to see

For them to mock, for them to gawk

Bright warm light did they shine towards me, however when I turn around they scorn me

Shining rays of deceit, They never cared

Those smiles that glowed so brightly, changed into fangs with snake tongues

Spewing venom on my name, the lies the betrayal..... why

I embraced you all, I cherished you all

But now the shadows beg me

Flip the switch, see the truth

Let the light fade, let their veil fall

Feel what you cannot touch,

Surrounded by so much light, your vision blurry, and you entertained them

Light eroded your eyes, Forced your smile and deceived your heart

They molded you, changed you

A toy you became, crafted for their amusement

Now you see, because the lights are dim

To shine in the light is to blind the truth, but to shine in darkness lets the truth be seen

Because what they cannot see they cannot take and mold

Mold yourself work on yourself, don't be a play thing

Because when people out grow toys they toss them aside

And those toys are lost and forgotten

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