My burning passion

Welcome one and all to my domain. A palace I've created for the very purpose of expressing myself and promoting my channels and poetry. At the time of creating this I'm 32 and live in Columbia SC. I started my path a ways back with a raw ambition to show the world my talents and skills. I've made some great friends along the way  and they have helped me endure the many challenges I've faced in life. However I would like to beseech you with my path as well.
As I said before I would like to display my talents to the world gaming is a hobby of mine but my true talent is poetry. I have been writing since I was a kid a way of expressing things I hide from plain sight. I believe words carry a piece of our very souls and I'm a firm believer that the pen is mightier than the sword. I write so that one day when I disappear a scar or a mark will be here made to stay by me. In hopes of inspiring, motivating, encouraging  others to make a leap of faith for what they want for what they want and believe in.
So with that said please support me and my channels and share my message. Because without others to carry our messages the wind beneath our wings is stale and jaded but with others pushing us we can soar to new heights and lift others to soar with us to impossible heights and new skies. So join me and believe in the me that believes in you and lets support one anothers dreams.



The Flame Lord apprecates all walks in life

The very idea of one knowing where to walk in life is kinda out there however helping one another get somewhere in life is alil more of an easier concept. So people that join me on my walk I highly appreciate. Everyone from different backgrounds, cultures, race, orientations I welcome you all and if you have anything to say I'll listen and consider it like I would do in my live streams while gaming if I had a crowd to join often. Listening to others and considering peoples word actually separate us from basic animals.


Youtube Gaming moments comp

The channel used to be named getglazed88 but its glazedgaming now never bothered to change it because it shows how far I've come

(Oldie) Bitter sweet dance

Dance a dance with me As I dip you by your hip Into a dance of bitter taste Slowly embrace my hand As I lead you to bliss I turn you and...

Time (I wrote this when I was 14)

Like a rivers flow It moves Like the speed of light It moves It moves forward and never takes a turn No pauses and no stops Time can slip...

Spooky for the season

Let's play a game I'll be the predator And you'll be my prey I'll give you a head start After telling you my plan So you can make a fast...

Short story Wolf among them

I am the wolf and you are the sheep. You thought I was asleep but I had you fooled. I lay in wait and watch you sleep. Licking my fangs...

Precious one Inspired by MGS way to fall

Child of mine/ The pup I've always wanted I watched you crawl/ and as you took your steps Such a sight/ I'm all choked up When I see that...

No handouts wanted

No collaborations/ On my solo shit No exaggeration/ I been on my own I do this for me/ nobody else I feed myself/ other hands ain't...

About my poetry

I suppose I'm not to different from everyone when I write. when I write however when I write using music but not just any music I use...

The Lord of Flames youtube

So my youtube channel is up and running its a gaming channel the features yours truly playing games with friends and followers alike you...

Twitch and twitching

I am also on Twitch doing live streams of classic games and as well as so modern greats mostly I'm playing either monster hunter or some...


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